As your host, Automotive Coach and Mentor, John Heerings brings to you ‘Real Automotive Consulting’.

A site dedicated to bringing you the resources you need to Double or Triple your income through Automotive sales starting right now!

The challenge dealerships now face is to maximise the opportunities offered by thriving model ranges, to build strong well managed businesses, capable of succeeding in increasingly competitive markets.

For Dealers, Manufacturers and distributors they require strategies and services available to support the performance development of their individual businesses in terms of size, performance, culture and individual brand values.

We provide an individual approach with our ability and focus to understand the individual needs of our customers both at manufacturer and dealership level. To support you in business growth we will work with you in partnership, to ensure any initiatives’ we adopt or implement are aligned with your individual goals, systems and values.


Our performance consultants with Dealer Principal or Dealer Management experience are people who understand the financial and operational aspects of Dealer operations, as well as the people who work in those organisations.

Once your wealth building objectives are defined, we partner with you to assure asset growth and retention. Starting with our Dealer Process Improvement and Profit Improvement analysis we analysis and create a unique game plan to help achieve your specific goals.

From recruitment to personnel assessment and training we ensure competencies throughout your dealership are carried out to maximise and fulfil your profit plan. If you’re looking for a partner to grow your organisation, develop your personnel and maximise your profitability then look no further than Real Auto Consulting.


RAC training and consulting works with automotive industry managers and their staff to enhance and build on existing knowledge. Our performance consultants with Dealer Principal or Dealer Management experience are people who understand the financial and operational aspects of Dealer operations, as well as the people who work in those organisations.

RAC training and consulting will partner your business to ensure that not only will see an increase in business but also increased staff retention and morale. We will indentify and tailor solutions to ensure achievement of your business objectives.

We develop programs to succeed by tailoring training programs based upon the behavioural learning objectives and delivering interactive learning whether one on one or by group sessions.


We give you the tools to ensure that you can

  • Successfully manage change

Change management is the key to move your business to improvement.

  • Drive process improvement

Processes are the corner stone building block to ensure continuity and profitability within your organisation. Effective processes ensures accuracy in reporting and financial management and ultimately profitability

  • Drive CSI improvement

Increasing pressure from manufacturers and other dealers now make it vital to ensure that your customers are given are customer for life experience every time they touch your business whether it be from reception through to fixed operations

  • Improve customer retention

Countless amounts of money are wasted by most businesses searching for new customers when all they had to do is treat and manage existing clients effectively.

  • Improve Sales Processes

How much wastage occurs every day in your sales departments? Lost phone calls, poor internet response, poor daily tracking and management. You know what you have got but do you know what potential leads you lost through poor and ineffective controls. We give you the tools to maximise your results.

  • Control Database management

Effective mining and prospecting of your client base. DO you have multiple databases through you r various departments and what messages if any are they receiving? Is the dealership delivering a consistent message?

  • Effective Road to the Sale

What is the Road to the Sale? Does it reflect your unique selling proposition and is it delivered uniformly by all staff members. We will show you how to maximise the effect for all departments.

tin can phone

  • Effective Phone training

Do your consultants ensure 95% capture of names and numbers from phone calls. Do they set 50% appointments and do they sell 1in 4? How effective are their outbound calls? Specialised one on one training teaching them to listen and reading the buying signals.

  • Develop Fleet Departments

Process Improvement Checks for your Fleet Departments. Often misunderstood and reliant upon the old guard and existing clients. We will analyse and rate your effectiveness and profitability and show you the importance of this cornerstone opportunity.

  • Service and Parts Sales Training

Sales training for service and parts advisors. Often they are order takers and do not maximise the opportunity to upsell.

  • Gen X and Gen Y

Effective ways on how to sell to this vital and growing consumer segment. What are the differences? What channels do they support and purchase from?

  • Internet

How do you maximise your share of this vital market which is growing daily. Do you specialise? Do you have key personnel allocated to this type of transaction? Do you have a defined strategy for handling this stream of business?

  • Six position sell

Whether a manufacturer or a retailer does your staff know how to best present your product and it’s unique selling benefits.


John Heerings

After a career of 35 years in retailing, real estate and automotive John has now  become passionate about sharing, training and developing  people and businesses where he has enjoyed incredible success

With several awards including Junior Retailer of the year, Several No 1 Dealer awards including Franchises such as Volkswagen, Ford, Kia and Daihatsu and Multiple CSI Achievements.

Having worked effectively as both an owner and in the corporate arena including corporations such as Grace Bros, LJ Hooker, GM Holden, Martec Automotive and Summitomo Corporation John is now able to shares these experiences and wealth of knowledge to ensure your business goes to the next level.

Educationally John holds the following degrees

  • Diploma in Automotive Management.
  • Diploma in Retail Management.
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • Certificate IV in Property

And currently holds both Real Estate and Motor Vehicle Dealer Licences.

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