John quickly earned a reputation for turning a dead duck entity into a profitable one by applying sound business and personnel management techniques, together with advanced retailing practices

A more highly qualified individual both professionally and personally is impossible to find. John posses a unique combination of drive and professionalism. I know of few people who would undertake a task with such obsessive desire to succeed, yet achieve the result while gaining the recognition of his peers.

Admiral John Davis Principal L.J Hooker Seaforth/Frenchs Forest

It is no co-incidence in my view that the dealerships under your control were No 1 with Volkswagen. This enviable sales position was earned as a result of your direct input, and there can be no doubt that the consistency of this number 1 position for Volkswagen in Australia  was brought about by your professionalism, product knowledge and leadership.

Mr Peter Ruefli General Manager TKM Automotive Australia Pty Ltd

The calibre of his work was outstanding. He well managed business through well-balanced and professional approach to our customers, employees, major car manufacturers’ and of course share shareholders and improved not only financial aspects but also the level of customer satisfaction. John always went the extra mile and working with John was a refreshing experience. I can therefore recommend him without reservation not only in the automotive business but any business dealing with people.

Bin Haga Executive Director Motor Vehicle Department No3 Sumitomo Corporation

In my twenty five years of business experience, I have met no man worthy of trust than John. He always worked diligently and his sales leadership skills were outstanding

Ken Mathews Managing Director Northshore Europeans Cars Pty Ltd

For someone to achieve what they did in the first 5 months of real estate is exceptional.

Warren McCarthy General Manager L.J.Hooker Pty Ltd

Two milestones were created with your latest delivery results Best month ever and Best June ever.

Richard Burchfield District Manger Sales

The outstanding CSI results over recent months are a direct result of your strong leadership and commitment

Peter Muggleton District Manager Aftersales

The new facility and launch event showed your trade mark professionalism and passion for being the best

Mr Barry Turner Zone Manager Holden

John was responsible for the reconstruction of the management, facility and sales and service teams into what is today one of the most professional and successful management teams in our group.

Joe Ponzo Director Summit Investments Australia

John Heerings can be tedious to work for, to work with he shoulders more than his share of the load, to have him working for you simply takes a load of worry off your mind.

John is an exacting task master making no apology for attention to detail in all aspects of Automotive retail. Whether you are working on the visual presentation of a dealership, formatting administrative procedures or  addressing sales processes John is a perfectionist. Better than that his personable manner and relaxed style gets the job done with a minimum of stress.

If you are looking for someone to beat the drum, ring the bell and generally make a racket, especially about themselves John is NOT your guy. If however you wish to empower your entire staff to work to their ability, receive thoughtful and balanced input in all aspects of your dealership go no further than John Heerings.

John not only is highly regarded in the  know how department, he is a very accomplished dealer in his own right, having turned around many struggling dealerships in most franchises.

In tough times he is the perfect ally to have in your corner, remember you can’t do it all yourself.

Peter Spratt Dealer Principal Mighty River Group

John was employed by Eargers Retail and Holden Australia to develop a Business Fleet Development Program.

John has provided invaluable assistance to Eagers Retail over the last ten months, in which he implemented a training program aimed at developing our Business Development Managers processes and procedures. This program provided the BDM’s with a formal structure to assist them with prospecting new SME customers through direct mail, face to face contact and enhancing their telephone and presentation skills.

Over the course of this program we have seen a marked improvement in our SME results despite experiencing the financial crisis during this period. There can be no doubt that our team has reacted positively to John’s program.

I would not hesitate in referring John or seeking his assistance in any future development that we may undertake. John’s professionalism and his knowledge and skills have assisted us greatly during this time.

Marc Caton Dealer Principal Eagers Holden Newstead and Windsor